If you’re currently enrolled in an Ontario secondary school and seek to complete courses which contribute to your OSSD, you’re also welcome at AIA! We have a wide variety of course available, primarily for the grades 11 and 12 crowd. Some of our most popular courses include ENG4U and MCV4U, both often critical courses needed for university admissions into competitive programs.


AIA offers part time students an opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills learned in these courses – but in a much smaller class setting. Regular day school classes can often range in size from 25 to 30 students, making it almost impossible for even the most skilled teacher to successfully reach each student.


At AIA, our small class sizes and longer classes enable students to get more direct instruction from their teachers to solidify their understanding of complex course material. Our courses are all 110 hours long and often take place twice a week; each class is roughly 3 hours long.


Though this may seem like a long time, the longer periods allow students to fully engage in the learning process. Classes are composed of direct instruction, group work, and independent study in order to facilitate and ensure maximum student understanding.

Our schedules are quite flexible and AIA will try its best to match the schedule that works best for you!


We understand that day school guidance offices are often jam packed with students waiting for appointments to discuss their university applications. Our guidance officer, Mr. Chanjith Vijayacumar is well versed with OUAC and has helped hundreds of students with any concerns they’ve had with the application process. One way or the other, AIA will find time to discuss your options in a meaningful way!


Local students can enrol into our full-time school as well. Our classes run from 9 AM to 3:50. With slightly longer days, students are able to complete 3 courses per semester (2 hour classes) and one school year includes four semester – this is the basis of our “quadmester” system. This way, students spend a little more time per day at school, but are able to earn 12 credits in a year as opposed to the traditional 8 credits per year offered by the majority of day schools.

This is an excellent opportunity for students who wish to graduate early, apply abroad, or work after graduating.




Equivalency applies mainly to international students and students who seek an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) from other provinces within Canada.

Equivalency is a process that determines whether or not a student’s previous courses and credits (from their original schools) share the same kind of expectations as their Ontario equals. By doing this, a non-Ontario schooled student can progress to the appropriate courses.

For example, if a student from Malaysia completes grade 10 in his/her home country and comes to Canada hoping to be enrolled in grade 11, an equivalency must be performed. In most cases, a series of credits can be given to the student to compensate for specific necessary credits demanded by the OSSD. For example, in Ontario it is necessary to complete one second language course at any grade level (usually grade 9) to earn the OSSD. However, if our Malaysian student never took a second language, but has fulfilled all other criteria to be enrolled in grade 11, there is a strong chance that the language credit will be waived. This depends strictly on a case-by-case basis however.

Equivalency is particularly important for non-Ontarian students enrolling in grade 11 and 12. This is because courses at these levels diverge into three general categories: Workplace Preparation, College Preparation, and University Preparation. Each course type has its own unique expectations and prerequisites. A grade 10 student hoping to enroll in grade 11 Functions must have met the expectations of the grade 10 prerequisite. The equivalency process determines whether or not this is the case.