Our Staff


Margaruite Alfred - Consulting Principal

Marguerite Alfred is a consulting principal at the Agincourt International Academy. Her previous positions have been as a Vice Principal in the TDSB (Toronto District School Board) and an English instructor at Seneca College. She has also been an English and French tutor for Middle and High School students. In addition, she has published articles in various magazines and had been an op-ed contributor on education issues for the SHARE newspaper in Toronto. She holds a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree from OISE, B.Ed from the University of Montreal and B.A. from McGill University. Currently she is pursuing Certification as an Emotional Success Coach & EFT Practitioner and an Accredited Master Trainer of Trainers.


Samy Appadurai- Consulting Principal

Samy Appadurai has been the principal of Agincourt International Academy’s predecessor, Ontario International Institute, for 12 years. He is an outstanding member of the community and has multiple recognitions from a variety of prestigious institutions and noted members of society. Among these, former Prime Minister Stephen Harper has recognized Mr. Samy’s contributions and he was a member of the Ontario College of Teachers’ board. Mr. Samy is the author of several books pertaining to Canada as well.


Chanjithcumar Vijeyacumar- Principal

Chanjith attended the University of Toronto and completed his Honours Bachelor of Commerce. He is one of the owners of Agincourt International Academy and Ontario International Institute. Collectively, he has over 14 years of experience in an educational environment working with senior level students. Chanjith has spent years developing meaningful rapports with various universities and colleges on behalf of AIA and is committed to helping out our students in all aspects of the post-secondary application process. He has detailed knowledge about many of the most commonly chosen program and is adept at getting critical information for prospective post-secondary students.

Nawab Gani

Nawab Gani-Education Consultant

Nawab completed his Honours Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy at York University and continued to the University of Windsor to complete his Bachelor of Education at the University of Windsor. He is currently pursuing his Master of Education degree at York University in the field of Culture, Language, and Teaching. Nawab has been a teacher for five years and continues to be a contributing member of our learning community.


Mr. Kon Kim

B.A (Hons), B.Ed

Teacher English and Social Sciences

Kon completed his Bachelor of Arts in Education from York University specializing in English.  He is an OCT and in good standing.  Mr. Kon Kim has extensive experience teaching both Native English speaking students and English As A Second Language learners. He has been prepping students for SAT, TOEFL and IELTS for the past twenty one years and has taus ght all the senior level English and Social Science classes. His dedication and enthusiasm to his students is commendable.


Ms. Malini Ragavachari

B.Sc, B.Ed

Teacher: Sciences

Ms. Malini Ragavachari has completed her Bachelor of Science specialization in Biology with first class distinction. She has Masters in Education in curriculum developments. Ms. Malini Ragavachari has taught senior level science courses across many schools in Toronto particularly to the ones that are dedicated to International students. She understands the difficulty of newcomers ability to learn English as a second language along with learning other subject matter hence she prides herself in her ability to accommodate her students by using certain teaching tools to gain ease of comprehension in the subject matter.


Mr. Suntharalingam Rasamani

B.Eng (Ryerson University), B.Ed (Brock University), M.Ed (Brock University)

Teacher: Mathematics

Mr. Sunthar is an Engineer by profession. He has completed his Bachelor of Engineering specialization Mechanical Engineering from Ryerson University. After working as an engineer more than a decade, his passion for teaching pulled him back into the classroom. Mr. Sunthar has completed Bachelor of Education and Masters of Education from Brock University and is currently an Ontario Certified teacher in good standing. Mr. Sunthar takes pride in his ability to take complex materials and teaching it in a simple and understandable way to his students.