Destination Universities

Ontario is home to several universities of high calibre for learners of all kinds. Ontario’s universities range from specializing in fields ranging from education to engineering. Below are some brief descriptions of some of the universities you might want to attend!

Ryerson University

Ryerson is a renowned school, well known for its international community of students and vast range of scholarly and vocational. Ryerson creates environments where hand on learning and cooperative learning enriches the student experience. Located in the heart of Toronto, Ryerson is ideally placed for urban activities and exploration – a great choice for students who have not lived in Toronto or other major metropolises before! Ryerson has implemented a unique system called “Zone Learning”, an experiential program that allows students to have an additional credential on their transcript.

Ryerson also has a growing graduate studies community for students who wish to expand their knowledge even more!

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York University

York University is one of Ontario’s largest schools with two campuses and over 40,000 students combined. Between its undergraduate and graduate programs, York U offers over 5,000 courses and over a hundred programs of study. It is home to Canada’s only Space Engineering program. It has its own astronomical observatory located at the Keele campus and even has a research centre located in the Costa Rican rainforest.

York University’s Keele Campus is massive in scale and offers the amenities of a small city. With a great variety of programs and people from all over the world, York offers a great experience.

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University of Toronto

With three major campuses, U of T boasts a huge student population of great renown. U of T considers itself a multidisciplinary school, with a great range of courses and programs for all kinds of learners. For U of T, their diversity is their strength. U of T I’s learning community comprises people from all over the world in both the student community and the faculty.

U of T’s multiple campuses create lots of opportunities for different people, depending on where they live, what they’d like to study, and what their future goals are. U of T is one of the most research-intensive universities in Ontario and consistently makes meaningful contributions in the fields of invention and discovery.

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