Parents and guardians are concerned about the quality of education their children receive. At Agincourt International Academy, we are equally as concerned. Your child is more than just a student number here at AIA.

We offer a wide variety of courses and offer you a chance to take a look at the course material and previous student work so that you may understand the thoroughness of our educational community. Before you enrol your child, you’re absolutely free to discuss the course with the instructor beforehand!

We understand that many parents operate on tight schedules and might not have time to sit down and discuss university application processes and admission requirements and career options with their children. AIA encourages parents to come with their children
to talk about these topics with our guidance department and subject-matter experts to ensure their children’s success.

At AIA, students are given a great deal of flexibility when it comes to schedules and academic accommodations. While we cannot modify or change the curriculum, we can definitely work closely with your child to ensure they solidly grasp the expectations of
the Ministry of Education.

For international students, AIA is an excellent choice. AIA is located in a vastly multicultural zone allowing new Canadians or foreign nationals a chance to experience Canada in its glory. AIA’s helpful administrative staff will do their best to ensure a simple and comfortable transition into Canadian society.