Step 1: Application forms and meeting our recruiters

Students will be given a basic application form and specific information must be filled out. At the time of applying, the recruiters can answer any particular questions students might have.

Step 2: General English Proficiency

Students hoping to learn and study in Canada will do much better if they already have a certain level of English mastery. The recruiters will deliver a language assessment test to determine the level of language support a student must have in Canada. The stronger the performance on the test, the less classes of language support the student will need.

All students should keep in mind that anyone who has not received 4 years of secondary school instruction with English as the primary language of instruction must take the appropriate language proficiency test before applying to Canadian universities. This applies to many Canadian universities.

Step 3: Mailing of all critical documents

Students will mail translated copies of original documents to AIA for verification and so we can begin the PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition)*** process to allow students to enroll at AIA.

*** PLAR is a process that determines whether or not an international or non-Ontario student’s prior learning satisfies the requirements of the Ontario Curriculum. For example, a student who completed grade 11 in China who wishes to enroll in grade 12 in Ontario, will undergo a PLAR process to determine whether or not their grades 9-11 courses are equivalent to the grades 9-11 courses in Ontario. This is important because many courses have prerequisites that cannot be avoided. For example, to enroll in Grade 12, University Preparation English, an international student must have completed the equivalent of Grade 11, University Preparation English.

The majority of Grade 12, University Preparation courses have similar prerequisites.

Step 4: Applying for a study visa/permit

After students receive their letter of enrollment, they will need to apply for a Canadian study permit. This permit usually requires the student to present the official letter of enrollment to Immigration Canada.

Step 5: Arrival in Canada

After students have successfully received their study permit, he or she is free to travel to Canada and begin their schooling at AIA!


1. Payment by Cheque, Bank Draft must be made payable to: “BIRMINGHAM INTERNATIONAL COLLEGIATE OF CANADA”.

2. Payment via wire transfer must be credited to the account of:

Bank Name:
Account Name: