Day School

Local or domestic students are very welcome to join AIA’s international community too! We operate similar to your regular day school but have some minor differences. Click here for a general over view of what we offer for local students. Below you will find our three different programs and the overviews of each programs.

  • This is consider the entry package, which includes 8 standard OSSD courses, and results in the student completing their respective grade level at the regular time between September and June.
  • It does not include any additional tutoring, AP courses, or exam preparation for specific university program like law, medicine, business, etc.
  • All of the above, however can be added individually if needed.
  • This package is considered for students only only wants to learn at a steady, standard pace, with room for possible changes.
  • Which includes 10 courses + 2-4 AP Courses + MCAT /LSAT /UKCAT prep (100 hours in-group)
  • This package is designed for students who wish to complete more courses in the same amount of time as a standard school year. Instead of completing 8 courses between Sept-June, they will complete 12. This may include summer courses and may include longer school days. This way, however, students will be able to earn their OSSD in an accelerated environment and graduate earlier.
  • While the accelerated program will require more effort from the student and some serious time management skills, it will train them to better survive in a fast-paced university environment.
  • Included in this package are 2-4 AP courses. These courses will include all the regular OSSD curriculum requirements but also include additional AP-based lessons and skills so the student will be prepared to take and pass the AP exams.
  • This package is best for students who know generally what stream they intend to follow, but want to keep their options open.
  • Which includes 10 courses + 4-6 AP Courses + MCAT /LSAT /UKCAT prep (100 hours individually) + tutoring (100 hours, small groups 3-5)
  • This package is meant for students who intend to complete mainly AP courses AND who do not want to take any chances passing the examinations needed for law, medicine, and business schools.
  • It also includes several hours of subject-based tutoring for students who want to learn even more or sharpen their skills further.
  • Students who select this program are expected to enroll in at least 4 AP courses and attend all prep classes for examinations for law, medicine, or business.
  • This package is designed for the most dedicated students who have a clear vision of what they want for their future.