Registration Procedure & Tuition

The majority of our local students are only part-time students at Agincourt International Academy (AIA). This means they are taking one or two courses here in addition to their regular day school classes.

Agincourt International Academy (AIA) requires the following documents in order to enroll a domestic student in a course:
1) Valid government issued ID: this can be in the form of a Canadian Passport, Permanent Resident Card, Ontario Driver’s License (or valid licenses from other provinces), Health Card or Landed Immigrant documents.

2) Proof of Prerequisite: if your course has a prerequisite, we must have evidence that you have completed and earned the credit for that prerequisite. This can take the form of a report card listing the required course and its completed credit, a guidance summary from your day school, or an official transcript. Please note that the credit summary from is not a valid proof of prerequisite at Agincourt International Academy (AIA).

3) Completed Application Form.

4) Consent for release of info


All individual courses are $400.00* + a $25.00 (CND currency) registration fee for local students. If you would like to receive additional tutoring, these costs are determined case-by-case.

*** This is the fee for our general classes which may range in population from 15-25 students depending on the subject. If you would like to be in a class of only 10 students, ensuring more direct time with the teacher and more in-depth assistance, the fee is $800.00 (CND Currency). Should you want to work 1-on-1 with a teacher, you may speak directly with our administrative staff. ***

Full-time domestic students:

If you wish to be a full-time domestic student at AIA, please discuss this option with the guidance staff.