Consulting Principal

Consulting Principal:

  1. Karen Chubback


Karen Chubbuck B.A. M.A., B.ED., M.ED, OTC member

Consulting Principal for O.I.I.

Karen was employed by Toronto District School Board (TDSB) for over 30 years. She taught Science, Biology, Math, English, and Special Education in both Junior High Schools and High Schools. She is also qualified to teach English as a Second Language, Guidance and from primary school to senior level high school. As a Guidance counsellor and head of Guidance Karen developed programs for under-achieving students and designed support and counselling for English as a Second Language (ESL) students. She worked closely with settlement workers to help new families to Canada adjust to the schooling system.

For the last 12 years with TDSB Karen was a vice-principal. At Bathurst Heights Secondary School she supervised both adult and adolescent programs. Both adults and adolescents were able to partake in some exceptional courses such as nursing, cosmetology, auto mechanics as well as other technical studies. Newtonbrook Secondary School was an adolescent school with a French Immersion program as well as a high academic program. The last school that Karen was a vice-principal at was A.Y. Jackson Secondary School. It has a high level of academic standards and drew many of its student population from China. About 80% of the student population was Asian. Karen supervised the Visa program there that welcomed and taught many Visa students from China.

After retiring from TDSB Karen has been a consulting principal for OII, helping with developing a coop program, doing some professional development and inspecting some teachers. She also has been called back to TDSB as a vice-principal at several high schools. She also worked at City Adult School to counsel new immigrants to Canada so they could gain entrance to Canadian colleges, universities and work.

Karen and her family also were a home stay family for 2 Chinese high school students. They enjoyed the cultural exchange and learned a lot about their students.