Domestic Students

While AIA is focussing on being an international, full-time day school, we still offer individual credit courses for local or domestic students in Toronto. These courses generally take place in the evenings between 5:30-8:30 or on Saturdays in the mornings or afternoons.

Night school courses usually commence in the third week of September (semester 1 for regular day schools) and commence again in the third week of February (semester 2 for regular day schools).

Some of our most popular courses include:

  • HSP4U
  • SCH4U
  • SBI4U
  • SPH4U

We offer several more courses as well; if you have a specific course in mind, it is best to contact us and inquire. If possible, we will find the correct course and instructor for you.

Night school classes generally take place twice a week: 1 weekday evening and 1 Saturday morning or afternoon. Schedules are fixed after a certain amount of students have enrolled.

All of our courses are 110 hours in length.


It is important to remember that your day school is likely in possession of your OSR (Ontario Student Record) and they are the ones who must update and maintain that important record. As such, they will want to know how your credits are being completed.

Some schools will simply need a signed and sealed report card from AIA upon completion of your course and that will suffice. Other schools will want proof of enrollment. Proof of enrollment is simply a letter produced by AIA, signed and dated, that confirms your presence in one or more of our courses.

Be sure to ask your guidance department how they would like AIA to report your credits. Some schools are okay with students bringing in and hand delivering a sealed, signed, and stamped report card from AIA. Other school require the report card to be couriered or mailed directly from AIA to the school.


AIA will report your completed credits directly to OUAC. You do not need to go to your day school and request them to upload credits earned outside of your school.

Please remember that if your grades are uploaded on a Friday, it is unlikely that you will see them appear on your account until the following Monday or Tuesday.

Feel free to visit our office and speak to our guidance department if you have more questions about OUAC.